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As China impresses the world with its efficiency in building massive bridges,
builders have found a new way to construct overpasses even faster.

Workers who are building the 4,629-foot-long Xingkang
Bridge in Sichuan Province have used a drone to help them
install cables.


Gargantuan: The Xingkang Bridge, situated in Sichuan Province
in south-west China, is expected to complete in 2018

Innovative method: Workers used a drone to carry the pilot cable over
the river before installing steel cables last December

The drone is ‘100 times more efficient’ than the traditional method, which is to use
a boat, a helicopter or a mini rocket

This was the second time workers had used a drone to lead a pilot cable.

The first time was on Longjiang Bridge in Yunnan





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The bridge, which costs one billion yuan (£117 million) to construct, is situated over a dangerous terrain. It
crosses the fast-flowing Dadu River and is built above a
valley on the edge of the Tibetan Plateau in south-west China’s Sichuan Province.

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