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      Short-term fasting absolutely differs from diet fads. People experiencing with intermittent fasting has no problem at all with energy and productivity. Fasting will not slow down metabolism.

      A survey of 11,000 people by NPD group, a New York market research firm, found that only one out of every four dieters is actually significantly cutting carbs. If you compare a regular diet and a low-carb diet based on the same number of calories and fat you will see losses are exactly the same.

      But they don’t want you to discover this secret. They’d rather you stay fat, and sick, so they can collect your money, time and time again. The biggest threat to them is that more people discover this breakthrough secret, and change their lives for the better.

      So when planning your diet take the time to do research. Yes the low-carb diets do work however they are not the answer for long-term solutions. If you’re trying to look good for possibly a wedding in six months then yes it may work.

      The horrible truth is that many people, and industries benefit from you being fat. Certain companies that make certain foods, and even some medicines, can make a lot more money from you if you are fat.

      It has been estimated that 64% of the American population is overweight. Obesity is responsible for 325,000 deaths every year. A large percentage of people being overweight can be attributed to eating too many carbs and not doing enough activity to burn off the carbs eaten.

      Apple cider vinegar has been mixed with honey, Leanbiome Reviews cinnamon, fiber, cayenne pepper to help promote a faster metabolism and enhance fat burning powers of the human body.

      In order to follow this plan you must monitor everyday your carbohydrate intake eating only specific foods and cutting out some carbs all together. There are even some beverages such as wine that are off limits during the beginning stages.

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