Best Cardio Health Tips You Will Read This Year

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      Your heart is one of your most vital organs. A healthy heart insures your blood is circulating and providing the oxygen your body needs to function. Taking care of your heart and getting prompt treatment for any problems will help you have a long and healthy life.

      Finally scientists have studied the differences between Japan and the States. Japan is proud to display the lowest risk for heart attack than any other country and also the general cholesterol levels are very low. The difference in the condition of the arteries of American and Japanese people was studied in the 50s and found no differences in the degree of atherosclerosis in aorta and the arteries of the brain (8, 9).

      Patients with risk of cardiovascular disease are typically subscribed statins to lower their blood cholesterol levels. These drugs are minimally tested in humans, have severe side effects and offer minimal, if any, protection from heart attacks and strokes.

      If it’s the left side of the heart which has failed, accumulation of liquid in and round the lungs will cause the patient to experience breathing difficulties. If it’s the right side that fails the surplus liquid amasses in the venous system, giving the patient a generalized edema that becomes worse as their status deteriorates. Dyspnea is the common symptom in congestive heart failure, though the extremity will change from patient to patient.

      Because Levsin worked and because the antibiotics seemed to be working, I had confidence that the GI doctor knew what he was doing and felt confident he would solve the problem. I began to keep a journal of what I was eating and Cardio Clear 7 Reviews when I had symptoms. Eating carbs and eating too much at one meal continued to be major culprits. They led to gas, bloating, abdominal cramping, heartburn and scratchy throat.

      Where’s all the gas coming from? If it’s acid reflux, GERD and/or IBS, why doesn’t elimination of the usual culprits – gluten, dairy products, chocolate, wheat, red meat and alcohol – make a difference? If it’s SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), why aren’t the antibiotics working?

      There is precious little published, even for doctors, indicating that gastrointestinal distress is a possible much less definitive symptom of heart disease in women. Furthermore, according to the same Harvard Health Letter, even when diagnosed, a woman still must be “a little more aggressive in getting the care” she needs.

      Of course this lack of information stems from the equally unaware doctors and medical practitioners. Big pharmaceutical companies have done an excellent job in heavily promoting their synthetic and toxic drugs.

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