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      For some it is constant hunger, others eat according to their emotions and others simply cannot avoid the temptation. Read on for more about surviving the holidays without gaining weight or starving during the festivities!

      The makeup of our bodies plays a major role in our weight loss ability. Men’s bodies consist of more muscle mass while women naturally have more body fat. This excess body fat is a requirement for women for pregnancy and breastfeeding. Because men have more muscle mass, they’re able to consume more calories without gaining the weight.

      While turning your fat into muscle is one of the most important things for successful weight loss for Colon Broom Reviews women, your diet will also play a large part in your success. Yes, it still goes back to everything we were told about eating right when we were growing up. We need to eat a balanced diet as well as a healthy diet. Keep in mind; however, that there is a difference between a balanced diet and a healthy diet.

      When I finally decided that I was fed up with all the extra weight I had packed on over the years, I pulled my size 4 jeans out of my closet, and kept them in a place were I could see them every day. You have to have a clear idea of what you want your end result to be.

      Remember that when your body runs out of energy from carbohydrate sources, it would next turn to the fat as the next energy alternative, thus you would be able to get rid of all the excess fat within your body. This is the theory of how negative calorie food helps you lose weight and manage your weight better.

      If lunch is skipped, you are likely to eat a more heavy dinner and go to bed without burning the food. The extra calories that will be generated and remain not utilized over night is likely be deposited as fat deposits.

      Low carb diet is popular because it gives a rapid amount of weight loss. As much as 6 pounds on the first week is expected if you follow the low carbs diet plan. It helps burn down the glycogen and reduces water content in the body. The reserved glycogen that is stored in the muscles and liver will burn if carbohydrate intake is reduced.

      Having a balanced diet is most important to consume a meal which has all the necessary nutrients. The food consumed should have a proper balance of proteins,carbohydrates and fats along with fibre.

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