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      Football teams often become legends. Athletes dream to put on uniforms of their favorite squad. Number of fans growing constantly. Top teams support in home country and in other countries. Matches attract millions of TV viewers. Introduce legendary clubs from different countries of the world.

      Old Lady

      “Juventus” originated in 1897. Roster became most titled. About awards it will be possible to talk hours. In 2012 the club was named as the most famous in Italy.

      Outside companies performed own computation. It was possible to find out that 13 million fans are sick of Old Lady. The data is huge. Similar support football fans have many other leading teams none.

      Players of club often help charities. Composition leads several programs:

      • training;
      • medical field;
      • help with housing.

      Juventus experienced crises. However the roster managed to overcome problems.

      Team appeared in the list thanks to the current situation. Team steady shows excellent results.

      Football Players every season trying achieve the championship title in the English Premier League. Total number regalia so far low. But state of affairs developing in a positive direction.

      Model development evokes exclusively flattering comments. Manchester City supports several clubs from different parts of the world. List contains countries from North and South America, Asia. Beginners athletes have the opportunity to break into into the most popular championship the planet.

      Red Devils

      List of best teams would stripped without Red Devils. This team has become the most famous in the world. Fans can be found different regions:

      • USA;
      • Russian Federation;
      • France.

      Support club colossal. Red Devils squad appeared in 1878. During the existence succeeded overcome through different obstacles.

      Manchester United regarded the most successful teams history of English football in England .

      Worth note another fact. In the early 1990s Red Devils founded the English Premier League.

      Best stage got on coaching Alex Ferguson. Club won different famous titles. While about the past glory has only remembering. But Manchester United still could demonstrate excellent football.

      “Star of the South”

      Club first time originated in 1900. During time development “Star of the South” achieved title most titled team FRG. Total about 60 major achievements.

      In recent years success started from 2012. Club demonstrated good game. Bayern strengthened in the first positions in the Bundesliga. Football players were able to achieve great results at continental champions.

      Roster often helped other teams and ordinary people. Often Bavaria supported Munich 1860. Management performed various options support:

      • profitable transfers;
      • friendly games;
      • financial transactions.

      Recently support works locally. Club strives help people in need.

      Real Madrid

      List of the best football clubs planet be incomplete without Galacticos. International organizations named this squad as the leader of football of the last century.

      The team achieved 65 ranks in national tournaments. To the list you can add 34 first places in the La Liga. Such results of competitors does not exist.

      “Real Madrid” originated in 1902. Through 18 years of existence team assigned title royal.

      Leadership in local football roster tried to take over from the beginning. Achieve this succeeded thanks to several reasons. The team is renowned for Betwinner Portugal its comprehensive approach to training process. Mentors pay attention to on several factors:

      1. Shape of football players.
      2. Selection.
      3. Settings for the game.

      Meticulous work allows creamy win championships. About the merits of the of the team successfully talk for hours. More 10 times Galacticos won in Champions League and other European club competitions.

      Roster not once didn’t leave from the national championship of the country. Independent researchers believe Galacticos the most expensive club in the on the planet. Indicative value at the time of study amounted to approximately US$4 billion.

      Annual income high. Squad earns on selection, advertising, sponsors. Impressive income became selling seats in the stands during games.

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