Learn Exactly How I Improved Heart Health In 2 Days

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      Finally, the day of discovery had arrived. It was either a viral or a bacterial infection that had caused an inflammation to my heart muscle. The medical term is viral myocarditis. The inflammation had done significant damage to my heart muscle, to the extent that it was now only operating at 30% of its normal capacity.

      This has been a journey about having the ability to listen to my body talking to me. So often in life, we do not listen to what our body is telling us and ignore the inner voice that guides us. ,As I run I feel a sense of freedom and elation as my heart rate increases for the first couple of miles, and then we settle into a symbiotic rhythm as my mind shifts to a state of calmness. This is where Mr. Heart and I are most deeply connected, feeling his guiding beats watch over me.

      Poor diet, however, has become a leading cause of high cholesterol. This increasing problem is, in part, owed to the popularity of convenience and processed food. These foods are high in bad cholesterol due to the hydrogenated and saturated fat they contain. People should aim to eat a diet high in fruit, vegetables, whole grains and fish. ,Use olive oil rather than vegetable oil to cook and trans-fat margarine rather than butter. The more liquid the margarine the less likely it is to contribute to the hardening of the arteries.

      Fact Three: Statins lower cholesterol levels and protect against heart disease. Fact Four: ‘Normal’ people (without FH) with higher cholesterol levels are more likely to die from heart disease. ,These facts seemed concrete and inarguable. Every time I opened a journal, or read a paper, they were confirmed. Again and again. But these facts are really only partially true.

      The older you get, the more you seem to really start to think about what you put in your body — even if you still put in the fatty stuff anyway. ,The way a person might eat after spending a night out with friends at twenty tends to change in your thirties, and most certainly in your forties. And its not always by choice.

      Heart disease and high blood pressure are related as the latter leads to the former. That means that high blood pressure can lead to heart disease. This is true as high blood pressure puts extra burden upon the heart. ,This happens when one is passing through strenuous exercise or Cardio Clear 7 Reviews one feels sudden fear or worry that makes the heart pump blood rapidly. When this happens, the heart may be functional at first without change of structure. Persistent high blood pressure always results in the enlargement of the heart muscle.

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