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      Is ADHD really a legitimate brain condition? Or is it a made-up diagnosis used to explain aberrant behavior? Is the ADHD label an opportunity for some people to slough off responsibilities and get a pass on completing necessary tasks? Does it give people an excuse for their mistakes and their behavior? These are examples of frequently heard comments and questions from people who question the validity of ADHD. They are often heard to say: “Oh, yeah, everyone now-a-days seems to have ADD”. I often hear people call this ADD backlash, but still I wonder at it.

      In all cases except that of this being a normal stage the child is going through, NeuroLift Reviews there are other medical and behavioral treatments and therapies that could eliminate the symptoms and address the child’s real problem without prescribing unnecessary stimulant medications. Often, when a child is placed on medication for ADHD when it is not the real problem, the symptoms of ADHD go away, but so does the child’s personality. While this may be seen as an improvement to the behavior problems that led to the diagnosis, it actually harms the mental development of the child and inhibits the normal development of social skills that are needed later in life.

      There are actually other sorts of clues, such as having a habit of interrupting individuals constantly and inability to keep still. Youngsters suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder endlessly talk and scream out replies, and are not able to remain seated for long periods. They are loud when playing, are tremendously lively at all times, and show lack of patience.

      Whether it is with hypnosis, cognitive behavior therapy or medication. These can all be combined to suit your specific needs in order to stop pure OCD. Medications can be used to treat immediate symptoms temporarily and can be further reinforced by coupling cognitive behavior therapy with hypnosis. Of course, with the medication, you can only benefit from its temporary relief while with the cognitive behavior therapy and hypnosis, the results are much more impressive in the long run. Remember that the most effective therapy is the one that attacks the root cause of pure OCD.

      You can reach your goal of being OCD free once you realize that this will take a lot of time and dedication. Do not give in! Remember that this is not a disease but merely a set of habits. Just like drinking and smoking, these habits can be kicked! The best help you can get would most likely be from someone that has experienced OCD themselves and beat it. Would you rather learn from someone that only watches the game or someone that has actually played it?

      Lay people, as might be expected, failed to read the DSM IV. They sometimes use the term ADD to refer to anyone with ADHD and they also sometimes use the term ADD to refer to people who are inattentive but who are not hyperactive or impulsive. Despite the fact that these two terms are used interchangeably by certain people, there is a big difference between Hyperactive/Impulsive ADHD (ADHD-HI) or Combined type ADHD (ADHD-C) and ADHD-PI. Some psychiatrist believe that ADHD-PI is so different from the other subtypes of ADHD that the American Psychiatric Association is considering removing the Predominantly Inattentive subtype from the DSM category shared by the other ADHD sub-types and assigning it a new category when it publishes the new DSM V in 2013.

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